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Fate of 3 Hostages Held in Iraq Unknown - 2004-07-10


As one Filipino and two Bulgarian truck drivers kidnapped in Iraq face death threats, their governments say they will not yield to the captors' demands.

Militants claiming to be affiliated with wanted terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi threatened to execute the two Bulgarians, Ivailo Kepov and Georgi Lazov, by Friday night if Iraqi detainees were not released. Saturday there was no news on their fate.

Meanwhile, a Filipino man kidnapped by another group made a final videotaped appeal to his government to withdraw its 50 troops from Iraq. Militants have said they will kill Angelo dela Cruz Saturday, if their demands are not met.

Philippine officials say their troops will go home on schedule in August, and the pullout will not be advanced.

And a Pakistani man, who was freed by his Iraqi captors last week, said he witnessed the beheadings of two English-speaking people and one Iraqi during his ordeal. There was no confirmation of the killings or the identities of the victims.