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Clinton Accuses Republicans of Misusing September 11 - 2004-07-27

Former President Bill Clinton has accused Republicans of using the September 11th attacks to advance conservative policies out of step with America and the world.

Mr. Clinton made the remarks to the Democratic Party's national convention in Boston late Monday.

He said President Bush and the Republicans used a "moment of unity" to walk away from allies, not only by attacking Iraq, but withdrawing from several international treaties.

Mr. Clinton said he would be a "foot soldier" in the Democrats' effort to elect Senator John Kerry as president this November.

Earlier at the convention, former President Jimmy Carter denounced the Bush administration's foreign policy, saying it is hurting the war on terrorism.

He said that since the September 11 attacks, the United States has "alienated allies, dismayed friends, and gratified enemies" with a strategy of pre-emptive war.

The former president said the country has become isolated, and that only Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry can restore life to global war against terrorism.

Former Vice President Al Gore was also critical of Mr. Bush's foreign policy. He said it was obvious the Bush administration had gotten the country "in serious trouble" with its handling of Iraq.