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More Than 150 Killed in Massacre at Burundi UN Refugee Camp - 2004-08-14

Officials in Burundi say more than 150 refugees who had fled fighting in their Congolese homeland have been massacred at a U.N. camp by attackers wielding guns and machetes.

Reports Saturday, say at least 153 men, women and children were killed on the spot, and more than 110 others were wounded during a raid that began late Friday.

The U.N. camp at Gatumba, near the town of Uvira in the Democratic Republic of Congo, houses thousands of ethnic Tutsis who fled from eastern Congo earlier this year to escape ethnic violence.

Circumstances of the attack remain unclear, but there are reports that a Burundian rebel group, the Hutu Forces for National Liberation, said its fighters carried out the attack.

The FNL rebels said their attack party had been heading for a Burundian military base in the same vicinity, but turned on the refugees' camp after hearing a shot fired. Burundian army officials scoffed at the rebels' account; they contend the attack was a deliberate attempt to kill Tutsis.