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SheDaisy Changes Musical Directon on <i>Sweet Right Here</i> - 2004-08-26

Five years ago, Country trio SheDaisy released its first album. The Whole Shebang produced five Top 10 singles and sold nearly two million copies, making it one of the most successful debut albums by a Country act since The Dixie Chicks. The trio's second album, Knock On The Sky, sold poorly, however, and forced SheDaisy to re-evaluate its musical direction. The group made some changes on its new CD, Sweet Right Here.

SheDaisy returned to the Country charts earlier this year with "Passenger Seat." The first single from the trio's third album, Sweet Right Here, spent 20 weeks on the Billboard Country list, but fell short of making it into the Top 10.

After achieving platinum success with their 1999 debut album, sisters Kristyn, Kassidy and Kelsi Osborn spent 18 months working on their follow-up CD, Knock On The Sky.

The three members of SheDaisy admit, "We were meticulous. We scrutinized everything. The songs were complicated, and we made the production complicated."

Because of the album's poor sales, SheDaisy's finances were stretched, and the girls were forced to cut back on tour expenses. They made acoustic arrangements of their songs, and found that the simplified versions added more to the quality of their vocal harmonies and songwriting.

SheDaisy took the same simpler approach while making its new CD, Sweet Right Here. No keyboards were used in the production of the songs. There are more three-part harmonies and less layering of their vocals.

Sweet Right Here recently debuted at Number 2 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart. Its new single was inspired by the true story of a mother of two children whose husband is serving in Iraq.

Kristyn Osborn co-wrote the song with John Shanks. She says, "I guess I hadn't really put a face on what I'd been seeing going on I the world around me, and it just inspired me as a writer to pay tribute to the ones that are left at home."

Upon its release, SheDaisy sent a message of appreciation to the military troops stationed around the world. The video to the single was filmed at the Naval Weapons Station in Seal Beach, California. Nearly 75 sailors and their dependents were used in the making of the video. Here's SheDaisy with "Come Home Soon."