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Nigerian Militia Leader: 'We Have No Problem With Oil Companies' - 2004-10-03

A militia leader who had threatened an offensive on Nigeria's oil industry now says he has no problem with oil companies - provided the government meets his demands and sticks to its agreement.

Mujahid Dobuku Asari, leader of the Niger Delta's People Volunteer Force, signed a tentative deal with Nigeria's president, Olusegun Obasanjo, and a rival militia late Friday, pledging to disarm his forces and withdraw threats to oil operations.

The French news agency, AFP, quoted a Sunday radio broadcast by the region's governor, Peter Odili, saying the government will vigorously work in coming days to get the militias to lay down their arms.

The Reuters news agency reported that the oil industry is waiting to see if the agreement holds.

The militia's threats had helped push the price of oil to about $50 a barrel on world markets.