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Cuban Police End 2-Day Vigil by Wives, Relatives of Dissidents - 2004-10-07

A two-day public vigil in Havana by wives and relatives of Cuban dissidents ended early Thursday when a group of at least 40 plain-lothes police broke up the protest.

The police drove the six women to their homes without incident.

The protesters, all dressed in white, had camped out since Tuesday in Havana's Revolution Square to demand medical treatment for jailed dissident Angel Moya. Led by Mr. Moya's wife, Berta Soler Fernandez, they were asking that he be transferred from prison to a civilian hospital for treatment of an injured back.

Wednesday, Ms. Soler said she and her companions would not leave the plaza until her husband was brought to her.

The 39-year-old Moya, who is serving a 20-year sentence, was arrested last year as part of a government crackdown that put 75 dissidents in jail.