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Somali Parliament Votes in Second Round to Choose President - 2004-10-10

Members of Somalia's parliament will vote for a second time for a new president after no outright winner emerged from the first ballot Sunday.

Twenty-six candidates from among parliament's ranks are seeking the presidency, but none of them received the two-thirds majority needed to win in the first round.

Reports from Nairobi, Kenya where the 275-member parliament is meeting say military strongman Abdullahi Yusuf received the most votes. He was followed by former finance minister Abdullahi Addow in second place and warlord Mohamed Qanyare in third.

Sunday's vote was the result of two years of peace talks among various clan and militia leaders, who have loosely ruled Somalia since the ouster of President Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991.

Whoever is elected president will nominate a prime minister who will name a cabinet to form the country's government.