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Greek Court Sentences Terrorists to 25 Years Imprisonment - 2004-10-11

A Greek court has sentenced four members of the nation's oldest guerrilla group to prison terms of 25 years each.

The three-judge panel in Athens Monday reduced the original 1000-year sentences given the four members of the Revolutionary Popular Struggle (ELA) to conform with Greek sentencing laws.

The four defendants, three men and a woman - former Kimolos mayor Angeletos Kanas, Costas Agapiou, Irene Athanasaki and Christos Tsigaridas - were convicted on terrorism-related charges. They were also ordered to each pay fines of more than $27,000.

The Associated Press reports the court denied a defense motion to free the defendants pending an appeal.

The four were found guilty of complicity in more than 40 bombings and 48 attempted murders between 1975 and 1995. The ELA, which has since disbanded, targeted Greek, American and other western banks and businesses in Greece.

A fifth suspect was acquitted last week.