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UN War Crimes Court Unseals Indictment Against Bosnian Croat Suspect - 2004-10-13

The U.N. War Crimes Court in The Hague has unsealed an almost nine year-old indictment against a member of a Bosnian Croat special unit accused of committing crimes during the Bosnian conflict

The Hague court has not said why it unsealed the indictment against fugitive Miroslav Bralo Wednesday, the suspect's 37th birthday.

The French news agency, AFP, reports the court kept the indictment secret until now to avoid hampering Mr. Bralo's capture.

The indictment, signed in November 1995, lists 21 counts of rape, torture, murder and illegal detention of civilians.

The document says Mr. Bralo committed the crimes, all against Bosnian Muslims, while he was part of a Bosnian Croat special unit called "The Jokers."