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Bush Found to be Physically Fit

Doctors have found President Bush fit for duty for a second term in office. President Bush had his annual physical exam at a Navy hospital outside Washington.

A written statement from a team of doctors at the National Naval Medical Center says President Bush is fit for duty, and they have every reasonable expectation that he will remain so throughout his second term.

Previously reported health problems for the 58-year-old are relatively minor, including a mild high-frequency hearing loss and slight farsightedness. Sore knees have forced him to switch from jogging to mountain-bike-riding.

In attendance at the three hour exam were White House physician Richard Tubb, along with a radiologist, optometrist, sports physician, hearing specialist, skin specialist and cardiologist.

Speaking to reporters as he left the medical center, President Bush said his New Year's resolution is to lose some weight, which he says he gained from eating too many doughnuts on the campaign trail.

Following his exam, the president met privately with Marines, sailors and one soldier recovering from injuries suffered in Afghanistan and Iraq.