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Bush: Hearings on Domestic Spying Will Be 'Good For Democracy'


Bush says congressional hearings on recently-revealed domestic spying program will be 'good for democracy'

President Bush has said congressional hearings on his recently-revealed domestic spying program will be "good for democracy," as long as they do not give too much information to the enemy.

The president made the comment Wednesday in Louisville, Kentucky during a town hall meeting, in response to a question from an audience member.

Mr. Bush confirmed again that he authorized the program, which allows the National Security Agency to conduct secret electronic surveillance of U.S. citizens without the permission of a special court. The revelation last month sparked controversy over whether the move overstepped the president's constitutional authority. Congressional hearings on the program are planned for next month.

Mr. Bush appeared at the meeting to talk about Iraq. He said U.S. commanders in Iraq will make decisions about whether to reduce the U.S. military presence there.

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