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Survey: Bush Approval Rating at All-Time Low

A public-opinion survey shows President Bush's approval rating with the American people has fallen to the lowest level of his presidency.

Results of the new poll compiled by the CBS News network, show Mr. Bush's popularity has declined sharply during the past month with his approval rating dropping from 42 percent to 34 percent. And nearly three-fifths (59 percent) of those who were surveyed say they disapprove of the president's policies.

On specific issues, the opinion survey shows that most Americans (50 percent to 43 percent) now disapprove of Mr. Bush's handling of the war on terrorism. Popular support for U.S. military and political action in Iraq also is at a low point, with fewer than one in three of those who were surveyed, 30 percent saying they approve of the job the president has been doing.

CBS News says its poll consisted of a telephone survey over the past week of slightly more than 1,000 people.