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At Least 27 Dead in US Tornadoes

At least 27 people are dead after tornadoes tore through eight U.S. states Sunday night, injuring hundreds and leaving a wake of destruction and debris.

The tornadoes hit hardest in the state of Tennessee, where 23 people died. Rooftops were ripped off by strong winds and some homes were torn off their foundations as families huddled together for safety.

Thousands of buildings were severely damaged or leveled. Authorities are sending rescue crews and trying to restore power.

The National Weather Service says the storms developed as a result of a cold front from the west slamming into a mass of warm, humid air from the Southeast.

The tornadoes also hit parts of Kentucky, Iowa, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana.

The National Weather Service says it had reports of 63 tornadoes in the eight-state region.

Some information for this report was provided by AP.