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Maronite Bishops Say Lebanon's Elections Law Favors Muslim Candidates

Lebanon's Maronite Christian bishops are warning that an elections law drafted in 2000 under Syrian dominance and set for use in upcoming parliamentary polls is unfair and favors Muslim candidates.

Wednesday's warning stops short of calling for a Christian boycott of the polls, set to begin later this month. But Maronite bishops urged lawmakers to scrap the law and created a framework for equal representation.

The accord that ended Lebanon's civil war in 1990 splits the 128-member parliament equally between Christians and Muslims. But critics say Lebanon's pro-Syrian, Muslim-dominated parliament drew large Muslim-majority election districts in 2000, ensuring that Muslims will decide who fills most of the Christian seats.

The polls - to be held over four Sundays beginning May 29 - will be the first since Syria's recent military pullout.

Some information for this report provided by AP and AFP.