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Nepal Responds To Election Criticism


The government of Nepal is responding to international criticism of controversial municipal elections held earlier this week.

A statement from Nepal's foreign ministry Saturday called the criticism objectionable and unacceptable. The statement further urged foreign governments to refrain from making what it described as "insolent comments" about Nepal's internal affairs.

The response followed allegations by several other countries, including India, Japan, Britain and the United States, who all said Wednesday's vote was flawed.

Seven major opposition parties boycotted the vote and the election sparked almost daily anti-government demonstrations.

The vice chairman of Nepal's cabinet, the royal council of ministers, Tulsi Giri, is promising to proceed with general elections in April regardless of whether opposition parties participate.

King Gyanendra took absolute power last year with a promise to crush the Maoist rebellion and restore multi-party democracy.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and Reuters.