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Taiwan Releases Forensic Report on Chen Shooting


Taiwan has released an American forensic expert's report on the election-eve shooting eight months ago of President Chen Shui-bian and Vice President Annette Lu.

The forensic scientist, Henry Lee, said two bullets made of different materials (one copper, the other lead) struck Mr. Chen and Ms. Lu last March. Mr. Lee could not conclude whether the bullets were fired from the same gun, nor could he identify the exact location, height or weight of the shooter.

Mr. Lee is a former Taiwan policeman who is well known in the United States as a forensic scientist. He has said that Mr. Chen's wound - a gash in the abdomen - did not appear to have been self-inflicted, but he also cast doubt on whether the shooting was intended to kill the president. Vice President Lu was wounded in the knee during the incident, which occurred in southern Tainan city as the candidates were campaigning in an open vehicle.

Taiwan's opposition has suggested the shooting might have been staged to enable Mr. Chen to win re-election in a sympathy vote.

Thursday, Taiwan's High Court said it would not nullify the presidential vote, which Mr. Chen won by a narrow margin.