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Tens of Thousands in Kiev Back Opposition Presidential Candidate

Tens of thousands of people have gathered in Kiev for events supporting opposition presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko.

Participants waved flags and chanted slogans Saturday at a rally for Mr. Yushchenko, who faces Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych in a run-off vote November 21.

A news report says 30,000 people turned out for a speech by Mr. Yushchenko and a concert in Kiev's main square. Police say 10,000 people attended.

The opposition is holding other events around Ukraine in support of Mr. Yushchenko and protesting alleged voter fraud in the first round of presidential voting.

Election officials say Mr. Yushchenko and the prime minister each received about 40 percent support in the October 31 poll.

Mr. Yushchenko has said the government never intended to hold a free and fair election, and accused authorities of vote-rigging and intimidation.

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