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Tsvanigrai Says ZANU-PF Actions Threaten Unity Government

Zimbabwe's Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai says actions by President Robert Mugabe and his supporters are threatening the country's fragile unity government.

In a statement Tuesday, Mr. Tsvangirai accused the president and his backers of blocking implementation of a power-sharing deal signed nearly a year ago.

The prime minister accused state media of spreading "vicious propaganda" that he said presents a "real and credible threat" to the government.

He said disputes over who should serve as attorney general and central bank governor should have been resolved long ago, and are hurting the government's credibility.

Zimbabwe's unity government has been plagued by internal strains since its formation back in February.

Mr. Tsvangirai urged southern African leaders to discuss Zimbabwe at a summit next week in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Southern African Development Community mediated talks that led to the formation of the unity government.

The group's current chairman, South African President Jacob Zuma, met with Mr. Tsvangirai and Mr. Mugabe last week, and urged them settle their differences quickly.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP.