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A Response to 'that Video'

You may have heard about or seen the YouTube video of a UCLA student mocking Asian students on her campus. I won't post it here, but you can find it easily enough. Inside Higher Ed looks at what the video might indicate about how Asians are treated on campus, and how racism against Asians differs from racism against other minority groups in America.

Tara responded to the video on her personal blog, writing:
As a foreigner, I try to love the country I am currently living in, it may take time but so far, I have to say that America is the land that is closest to me of all the countries of the world except my home country China. The thing is, sometimes, you may find people who are different from you are weird or hard to accept at first, but believe me what you only need are time and a warm heart that is willing to accept new things...

Luckily, our bloggers have had positive experiences dealing with their American classmates. Check out these two posts for more on what they've found:

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