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13 Students Killed in Stampede at Kenyan Primary School

Parents and teachers gather near the scene of a stampede at the Kakamega primary school in Kakamega, Kenya, Feb. 3, 2020.

Police in Kenya say 13 children died at a stampede at a primary school in the town of Kakamega.

They say more than 20 others were injured in the stampede after students at the Kakamega Primary School were let out Monday to go home.

It is not clear why the stampede began. The town's Police Chief David Kabena said, "We have launched an investigation to establish what exactly happened."

Kabena said the injured students have been taken to a local hospital.

Kenya's Daily Nation newspaper reported that the stampede took place on the staircase of the three-story building as the children were leaving the school.

Red Cross staff in Kenya said they were responding to the incident.