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2 Sentenced to Death in Deadly 2015 Mali Attacks

FILE - This photo taken April 21, 2016, in Bamako shows Fawaz Ould Ahmed from Mauritania, who was sentenced to death for planning and carrying out a string of deadly attacks on sites popular with foreigners in Mali in 2015.

A Malian court sentenced to death a suspected jihadist and his co-defendant for killing more than two dozen people in attacks targeting foreigners in 2015.

Wednesday’s court ruling against Fawaz Ould Ahmed and his co-defendant Sadou Chaka came after two days of hearings.

Ahmed said his militant group, Al-Mourabitoune, carried out the attack at the La Terrasse club, but he expressed no remorse for killing five people in revenge for cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published by France’s Charlie Hebdo magazine.

Ahmed also admitted to participating in a raid that killed 17 people at Hotel Byblos in the town of Sevare in August and another that killed 20 people, including 14 foreigners, at the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako in November.

Two other Malian nationals were charged in the attacks.

Ahmed was reportedly planning other attacks when he was arrested in 2016.