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Nigeria: Kidnapped Defense Academy Officer Found Dead


Signage for the Nigerian Defence Academy is seen in Kuduna, Nigeria, in a photo from the academy's Facebook page.

A Nigerian military officer abducted from the nation’s defense academy has been found alive.

Major Christopher Datong had been reported to be among three officers killed in an attack Tuesday on the academy.

According to local reports, the kidnappers had demanded about $500,000 ransom to free the officer. It is not known if any ransom was paid.

Tuesday's security breach occurred at Nigeria's Defense Academy, a training center in the northern state of Kaduna for Nigerian army, navy and air force recruits.

A large number of gunmen disguised in military uniforms snuck past security early Tuesday morning and opened fire at the officers' lodge.

Prominent Nigerians who have reacted to the incident include former aviation minister, Femi-Fani Kayode, who said in a tweet that "It is time for Federal Government to take a much harder line with these terrorists.”

Meanwhile, residents of Kaduna are expressing fear over the attack, saying if the security forces' base could suffer a hit, then the entire state or even the country is unsafe.