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Airstrike in Eastern Syria Kills At Least 15

The remains of a cluster bomblet is pictured in the rebel-held town of Dael in Deraa Governorate, Syria, June 27, 2017.

An airstrike on an Islamic State-held village in eastern Syria killed at least 15 people Wednesday, according to monitoring groups in the area, with some estimates as high as 35.

The monitoring groups said cluster bombs were dropped by unidentified jets along the Euphrates River Valley, on the village of Doblan, an area where U.S., Syrian and Russian jets are all known to operate.

Tuesday the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported a coalition airstrike on an IS prison in the nearby town of al-Mayadeen killed 57 people.

The United States said it would review the allegations, but a military spokesman told VOA the coalition "mission was meticulously planned and executed to reduce the risk of collateral damage and potential harm to non-combatants."

“The coalition's goal is always for zero human casualties. We apply rigorous standards to our targeting process and take extraordinary efforts protect non-combatants," Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway said.

Al-Mayadeen is located approximately 20 kilometers from Doblan.

As the de-facto IS capital of Raqqa has come under increasing pressure in recent days, Islamic State reportedly has moved most of its leadership to al-Mayadeen.