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US Returns Saddam Hussein Sword to Iraq

FILE - Former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein examines a sword as he receives SyrianPrime minister Mustapha Miro in 2001.
The United States has returned to Iraq a ceremonial sword that belonged to Saddam Hussein, after it was smuggled out of Iraq.

The Iraqi ambassador in Washington, Lukman Faily, said the sword which was displayed for sale at an antiquities auction was restored after talks with the U.S. Department of Justice.

He told Radio Sawa that the two parties had continuous talks "to return many of the pieces that were stolen or looted by a group of Americans, and this sword is one of many that had been returned after talks with the U.S. Department of Justice."

The Washington Post described the sword as having an ornate blade and sheath with a gold inlay. It includes an inscription that indicates that it was a gift to Saddam Hussein.

The ambassador stressed that Baghdad’s embassy in Washington is in the process of returning the sword and a host of artifacts to Iraq, pointing out that other artifacts need special arrangements in order to be returned soon.

He said the Iraqi embassies are closely following all the stolen Iraqi antiquities and are working to restore them through the press and legal committees in the Iraqi embassies.

This report originally appeared on Al Hurra

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