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American Televangelist Robert Schuller Dies

FILE - Rev. Robert H. Schuller.

American televangelist Robert Schuller, who beamed his upbeat Christian messages on faith and personal success around the world to millions of people, died Thursday at 88.

Schuller died at an elder care facility in California, two years after being diagnosed with cancer in his esophagus.

At his peak in the 1990s, Schuller's "Hour of Power" telecast had 20 million viewers in 180 countries. He preached that belief in Jesus Christ and the power of "possibility thinking" were the keys to a successful life.

But in recent years, he watched as his undertaking collapsed amid family discord and financial ruin. In 2010, his church, then led by his daughter, declared bankruptcy and the soaring glass-paned Crystal Cathedral he built in southern California was sold to the Roman Catholic Church.