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Constitutional Court Rejects Former Peruvian President’s Final Effort to Reverse His Ouster

Peruvian former president Martin Vizcarra, impeached and ousted over corruption allegations, talks to the press outside his home in Lima on Nov. 15, 2020.

Former Peruvian president Martin Vizcarra has lost his last opportunity to reverse his dismissal from office.

A majority of the judges on Peru’s Constitutional Court on Thursday ruled Vizcarra’s lawsuit inadmissible, rejecting his claim that the Congress, which voted overwhelming last Monday to impeach him, acted improperly.

Peru’s Congress ousted Vizcarra under the "permanent moral incapacity" clause based on unverified allegations he received $630,000 in bribes from construction companies while he serving as a regional governor.

Manuel Merino, the leader of Congress, succeeded Vizcarra but he resigned Sunday, less than a week after becoming interim president following days of street protests, which turned deadly when two protesters were killed during confrontations with police.

Lawmaker Francisco Sagasti, who was next in line to lead the country, was sworn in as the new interim president on Tuesday.

Sagasti will serve until next July and Peruvians will chose a permanent leader in April.