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Ex-Ecuador President Wants New Vote, Denies Planning Coup

Former Ecuador President Rafael Correa talks during an interview with Associated Press in Brussels, Oct. 10, 2019.

Former Ecuador President Rafael Correa is dismissing as “nonsense” allegations that he is plotting with Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro to destabilize the current Ecuador government amid violent unrest sparked by fuel price hikes.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Correa called for a new election to solve the crisis. He has been accused by his successor, Lenin Moreno, of trying to foment a coup. Correa said “Moreno says whatever he wants, but this is irrational ... it's ridiculous.”

Correa, who settled in Belgium after he left office in 2017, faces an arrest warrants issued last year in Ecuador for alleged corruption.

Correa said “the solution is very clear ... to call for anticipated election in the case of very strong political crisis or social unrest. Exactly the situation that we have right now.”