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Fans Attempt to Lure Iconic Footballer Lionel Messi Back to his Native Argentina

Argentina's Newell's Old Boys supporters pass by the Monumento de la Bandera during a convoy urging Argentine footballer Lionel Messi to come play in the team where he started, in Rosario, on Aug. 27, 2020.

Hundreds of fans of Argentinean football (soccer) superstar Lionel Messi held a car caravan rally through the player’s hometown Thursday in hopes of persuading him to return to the organization where he began his career.

After five months without football due to the coronavirus pandemic, the fans of the Newell's Old Boys football club dusted off flags, donned the club’s symbolic red and black jerseys and staged a noisy and colorful caravan from the "Marcelo Bielsa" stadium to the Flag Monument in Rosario, well north of Buenos Aires.

The initiative is based on the premise that the arrival of Messi is not only good for Newell's but for all of Argentine football, since it could lead to higher profits in sponsors and international television rights.

Club Newell’s Old Boys reportedly does not have the wealth of owners of other teams, such as Manchester City, but fans are hoping to rekindle a spirit of nostalgia that will lure the sports superstar home, stressing his return would be good for all of Argentine football.

Hopes for Messi's return accelerated earlier this week, when he revealed he did not want to remain with Barcelona, the team he signed with 20 years ago.

Messi, who is a captain on the Argentina national team, has openly said he would like to play for Newell's, but his next stop remains unclear.