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Anti-Abortion Legislation Advances 42 Years After Landmark Decision

Anti-abortion demonstrators march past the Supreme Court in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015.

President Barack Obama has threatened to veto Republican legislation that aims to ensure no federal money is used to pay for abortions, as some conservative lawmakers fear may happen under the president’s health care law.

The White House said in a statement Thursday that exactly 42 years after the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Roe vs. Wade that abortion is legal, Republicans in Congress want to roll back that constitutional right

The U.S. House of Representatives Thursday passed a bill permanently barring federal funding of abortions. However, the bill was only passed after Republican leaders dropped some harsher anti-abortion language.

The bill that was approved, on a mostly partisan vote of 242-179, prohibits federal subsidies for people using health insurance plans that cover abortions.

Outside the U.S. Capitol Thursday, thousands of people opposed to abortion being legal in the United States held their annual protest march.

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