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Cambodia PM Says His Potbelly is Hurting his Golf Swing

FILE - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen walks on a golf course.

Prime Minister Hun Sen says his growing potbelly is getting in the way of his golf swing.

Hun Sen, who is known for his casual comments, went off track while responding to a Facebook comment on his health to talk about his weight. He said someone had reposted on Facebook a two-year-old video clip, purporting to show he had suffered a stroke.

“If you need to broadcast the news of the prime minister's health, you better say that the prime minister is worrying about his belly that is now getting big,” Hun Sen said Monday in the southern Kandal province.

“Don't say that the prime minister suffered a stroke. Better say that the prime minister is worrying his weight is increasing and at the same time the belly also getting big, which makes it difficult for my swing while playing golf.”

Hun Sen, 64, went on to say that he has put on 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) in recent days, attributing it to a lot of time spent sleeping in the car while touring the country as part of his program to tour all 25 provinces in the country to meet people.

Addressing the unidentified man who posted about Hun Sen's alleged stroke, the prime minister said: “I wish to advice you that you better take care of your health, take care of your parents' and grandparents' health. You need not take care of Hun Sen's health.”

Hun Sen is a self-styled strong man and one of the world's longest serving prime ministers, with more than 30 years as Cambodian leader. He often likes to talk about himself and his achievements.