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Hundreds of Journalists Protest in Serbia

FILE - Serbian Defense Minister Bratislav Gasic. Gasic was supposed to step down after making rude remarks about a female journalist but has remained in his position.

Hundreds of journalists have rallied throughout Serbia demanding that the prime minister keep the promise to fire his defense minister, who recently made a sexist comment to a female journalist.

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said two weeks ago that he was replacing Bratislav Gasic, but he has remained in office.

Gasic sparked outrage after a journalist from B92 Television knelt down in front of him to avoid being in the way of cameras and he commented: “I like these female journalists who kneel down so easily.”

The protests dubbed “Journalists Do Not Kneel” were held in several towns late Monday. Organizers say that Gasic remaining in office “shows how media are treated in Serbia.”

Vucic has faced accusations of curbing media freedom despite pledging reforms.