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NBC Removes Anchor Williams from 'Nightly News'

FILE - Brian Williams of NBC answers a question during the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena, Calif., Jan, 10, 2010.

Disgraced U.S. television news anchor Brian Williams, once the prominent fixture on the NBC network nightly newscast, is not returning to his old job.

The network says he has been demoted to anchoring breaking news reports on its sister MSNBC cable network.

The 56-year-old Williams was suspended for six months in February after he acknowledged falsely claiming that he had been in a U.S. helicopter hit by enemy fire during the Iraq War.

NBC launched an investigation of Williams' accounts of news events and turned up other instances where he embellished or misrepresented what had occurred, often when he was a guest on late-night television talk shows.

At the time of his downfall, Williams commanded an audience of about nine million viewers and was paid about $10 million a year.

As reports of his on-air exaggerations emerged, some critics called for his firing, but during the past several weeks he negotiated with NBC officials to remain at the network in a lesser role.

Another 56-year-old newsman, Lester Holt, has filled in for Williams during his suspension and will take over as full-time anchor.