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Polish Journalist Expelled From Russia

A sculpture of a double-headed eagle, a national symbol of Russia, is seen in front of a Russian national flag flying at half-mast on the roof of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

A leading Polish newspaper says its correspondent to Moscow is being expelled from Russia and claims it is a tit-for-tat move after a Russian reporter to Poland was stripped of his right to reside in Poland amid suspicions of espionage.

Roman Imielski, managing editor for Gazeta Wyborcza, said Friday on Twitter that correspondent Waclaw Radziwinowicz was being expelled from Russia.

Imielki said “this is a response to the expulsion from Poland” of Leonid Sviridov, a Russia reporter with the pro-Kremlin Rossiya Segodnya news service who left Poland last Saturday.

Poland's Internal Security Agency said Sviridov was a threat to Poland's security, though it kept his case top secret and never revealed what evidence it had against him. Polish media said Sviridov was suspected of spying for Russia, something Sviridov denied.