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US Airman Arrested for Alleged Drunk Driving on Okinawa

FILE - Marines board a KC-130J Hercules aircraft at the U.S. Futenma airbase on the Japanese island of Okinawa.

Japanese police have arrested an American serviceman for alleged drunken driving on Okinawa days after the lifting of an off-base drinking ban imposed after the arrest of a former Marine in a high-profile murder case.

Police arrested Tech Sgt. Christopher Platte, 27, stationed at Kadena Air Base on the southern island, Monday after a police officer spotted him driving erratically. Police said a breath test showed his blood-alcohol level exceeding the legal limit.

Japan's government protested to the U.S. Embassy over the arrest. The U.S. military lifted the drinking ban on June 28.

The murder and rape of a local woman and a number of subsequent drunken driving arrests involving U.S. personnel have angered Okinawans who have long complained about the heavy U.S. military presence and crime linked to Americans.