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Are you Competitive Enough to Make it in America?

There is an undeniable excitement about coming to study in the States – one reason why some international students do it – but it’s not all excitement.

Yes, it is America. Yes, it is the land of freedom. Yes, it’s the place where different cultures clash…and live together in peace. However, you guys might agree with me, it’s not easy to leave home, to leave the security of being surrounded by the family, friends and people who loves and care about us. And doing it raises some questions:

Is it worth it? Can you rise up to the expectation? And are you competitive enough to survive America?

You might be sitting in front of your computer watching a show or a documentary about America, which tells you about the breathtaking view of skyscrapers in the Big Apple, New York City, the beautiful warm weather in San Diego, and the huge parties along the beaches of the Sunshine State, Florida.

Just so you know, it’s all true and they did not lie to you. I remember I had an adrenaline rush the first time I visited Times Square in NYC. I can’t find any words in the dictionary to describe how I felt at that moment. Someday, when you get lucky and go there, you will know what I mean.

Beaches are the best. We do party and we do have lots of fun with friends.

Unfortunately, TV and movies never show the other side of what students have to do to survive America.

Education in the States is really different than in other places. Yes, there is the traditional A, B, C, and D grading system, and you get to be in the Dean’s list if you have all A on your transcript. However, these grades don’t just come from acing your tests. There are a lot more requirements for classes here.

Some have papers that you have to write every week, others have group projects you have to work on with your classmates, presentations you do in the class, or research you do by yourself to prove a thesis you come up with.

There comes a night when you have a couple of projects for different classes, a paper, and an exam to study for. And that night you ask yourself, “What did I get myself into?”

I’m not trying to intimidate you, but you should know what it really is to study in the States. One thing I can promise you all, it is worth all the hard work you give into it. And the more time you give to your studying, the more open doors you will have by the time you finish your degree.