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Burma Says Thailand Can Do More to Stop Karen Insurgents

Karen villagers carrying relief supplies flee Burma soldiers in Karen State, Burma, January 8, 2010 (file photo)

Burma's information minister says neighboring Thailand could do more to help curb a decades-old insurgency in Burma's east.

Burma's state-run New Light of Myanmar newspaper said Information Minister Kyaw Hsan told a parliamentary session Monday that if Thailand stood as a friendly nation, the problems in Burma's Karen State would soon be solved.

The information minister did not mention Thailand by name, but referred to it as "the neighbor" of Karen state.

Thailand hosts thousands of ethnic Karen refugees from Burma.

Karen people are Burma's largest ethnic minority group. Armed rebel groups in Karen state have fought Burma's military government for decades as they seek autonomy from the central government.

Kyaw Hsan said the insurgents use refugee camps in Thailand as their base to launch attacks on the Burmese army. He said the insurgents remain active with the assistance of certain super powers, international non-governmental organizations and Thailand.