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12 Killed in Attacks Across Iraq

12 Killed in Attacks Across Iraq

At least 12 people were killed in violence across Iraq on Saturday in attacks apparently targeting government and security officials.

Police say a suicide bomber blew himself up in the northern city of Mosul, killing seven people. Officials say at least 16 others were wounded in the bombing which took place in a popular market. Investigators say at least four of those killed were soldiers who were manning a checkpoint.

Meanwhile, several violent attacks took place in Taji, a town about 20 kilometers north of Baghdad.

Government officials say insurgents detonated bombs around the home of a judge, killing him along with at least one of his children. There are reports that several relatives were wounded.

Also, unidentified gunmen entered the nearby home of the judge's police bodyguard, where they shot and killed him.

Elsewhere in the city, interior ministry officials say gunmen wearing Iraqi army uniforms stormed the home of minister of industry official, killing him and his daughter. Officials say neighbors of the official then clashed with the gunmen, leaving one of the suspects dead.

Violence in Iraq has declined overall from the height of the sectarian conflict several years ago. But militants still carry out bombings and shootings almost daily.