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38 Haitian Migrants Die in Boating Accident Near Cuba

Cuban authorities say at least 38 Haitian migrants have died after their boat sank off Cuba's eastern coast.

Cuba says civil defense forces rescued 87 others Saturday. A search is under way for more possible victims.

Cuban officials first spotted the wreck off the coast of Guantanamo province Saturday, far east of Havana. Authorities say the deadly mishap is under investigation.

There is no word on where the Haitians were heading. Haitian migrants have a history of fleeing their country in rickety, unsafe boats.

The U.S. Coast Guard says more than 100 Haitian migrants were returned home Friday after their overcrowded boat was spotted near the Bahamas.

The Coast Guard says the after stopping the boat Wednesday, migrants were given food,water,shelter and basic medical care before they were taken back to Cap Haitien, Haiti.