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Australia Reports 2nd Wildfire Death

A helicopter drops water on bush land in Faulcombridge, 85 kilometers (53 miles) west of Sydney, Australia, Oct. 24, 2013.
Australian officials say a second person has died battling the country's wildfires.

A plane crashed Thursday while attempting to drop water on a fire near Ulladulla, south of Sydney, killing the pilot. He was the lone occupant on board.

Authorities say crews are having a difficult time reaching the crash because of the mountainous terrain.

Another person died last week, trying to save his house from the fires that have destroyed or damaged more than 200 houses.

Also Thursday, fire officials are defending Australia's military after investigators revealed a live ordnance exercise set off the largest of the wildfires.

The fire service commissioner said the military had no intention to start a fire. No one was hurt in last week's blaze.

Meantime, fire officials have lifted emergency warnings in fire-ravaged New South Wales although about a third of the fires are not contained.