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Australian Firm Sells Radios Used By Burma Military

The Perth-based firm Barrett Communications reportedly has sold about 50 radio sets to the Burmese government

International monitors say sophisticated radios sold by an Australian firm are being used by Burma's military despite an Australian embargo against military sales to the east Asian nation.

Australian media reported Tuesday that the Perth-based firm Barrett Communications has sold about 50 radio sets to the Burmese government. Company officials confirmed the sale, but said they were commercially-available, civilian radios and not intended for military use.

The radios have an advanced feature that prevents transmissions from being monitored.

Australian Senator Scott Ludlam issued a statement Tuesday condemning the sale of the radios and called for a freeze on all future sales.

In his statement, Ludlam said international monitors that watch Burma say the radios have been used in recent months by the Burmese army as they have waged brutal wars against ethnic minorities and pro-democracy forces.