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'Avatar' Becomes Top-Grossing Film of All Time

Directed by James Cameron, the science fiction movie 'Avatar' has grossed $1.85 billion in six weeks.

The science fiction movie Avatar has become the top-grossing movie of all time, thanks to strong ticket sales overseas.

The movie, directed by James Cameron, has surpassed box office profits earned by Titanic - another James Cameron film, made in 1997. Avatar, which has grossed $1.85 billion in six weeks, is the tale of an ex-soldier who uses a mind-controlled "avatar" - or remotely controlled body - to infiltrate a native tribe on a planet light-years away from Earth.

Experts say many moviegoers are choosing to pay a higher ticket price to see the film in its 3-D version, bolstering its earnings.

But when total earnings are adjusted for inflation, a much older film is still the box office champion.

Gone With The Wind, released in 1939, earned $400 million worldwide. In today's dollars, that would equal $6 billion.

Avatar is the top-selling film ever in both Russia and China.

A city in central China said Monday it will re-name a mountain said to be the inspiration for the floating mountains featured in the film. The Hunan province peak that previously was known as "South Sky Pillar" will now be known as "Avatar Hallelujah Mountain."