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Car Bombs Kill 17 in Baghdad

Two car bombs exploded in Shi'ite majority neighborhoods of Baghdad Thursday, killing at least 17 and wounding 49.

The first blast took place along a crowded street of shops and restaurants in the Kadhimiyah district.

A second explosion in another part of the city came about two hours later.

No one is claiming responsibility for either attack, but Sunni Islamic State extremists have threatened to overrun the Iraqi capital.

The militants are reported to have kidnapped some 50 men from Tal Ali, a village north of Baghdad that had been under Islamic State control.

The Islamic State pulled out of the town Wednesday and some residents burned one of the group's flags when they left.

There is no word on where the militants have taken the villagers.

U.S. fighter jets bombed Islamic State targets near the Mosul Dam Wednesday and Thursday, destroying two armed vehicles and an observation post.

Obama has said the U.S. will keep up the airstrikes to protect U.S. personnel and facilities in Iraq.