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It's About Psychology and a Christian Lifestyle for Evan Choi at Baylor University

Evan Choi with parents and siblings standing on the suspension bridge in Waco, TX.

Studying abroad has always been a desire for Evan Choi. Receiving a scholarship to attend Baylor University in Waco, Texas made his dream a reality.

Evan Choi is from Hong Kong and at an early age Evan says he always wanted to study abroad. "Since I was young I've always wanted to study abroad and study overseas, but it is kind of expensive to study overseas. After I finished high school I was quite fortunate to get a scholarship opportunity to go to the United States to study and an alum from the high school she donated a scholarship for a graduate student in my high school to study at Baylor University. So I applied to the scholarship and I got it, so I went to America to study."

Evan Choi says it's been many years that he has had an interest in learning about the mind and thoughts of individuals and so he thought maybe he should pursue a degree in the field of Psychology. "Well, it was quite a long time ago I think it was like three or four years ago I read some books about Psychology and throughout these years I've had some interesting people around me, so I've always wanted to know like how people develop who they are at the moment and how did they grow up and how they learn things I just want to learn about people."

Baylor University in Waco,Texas is a private baptist university, and a nationally ranked liberal arts institution. Evan says the lifestyle and Christian environment fits him well. "I like Baylor very much in a sense that its very diverse like in terms of ethnicity. You can see all kinds of people over the campus and people are friendly," he says. "I especially like the Christian environement. I am a Christian and it just fits me quite well. I enjoy talking to people and I really like the lifestyle. Back in Hong Kong the lifestyle is pretty tense in terms of the academic life or schooling, its like a hot pot. I had been lacking sleep for many years because they just want you to study, study and study, but it is not the same case in America. They want you to study but you have your free time and you can decide how do you spend your time and how will you develop as a person and Baylor is not a very big campus so people get pretty close. I think the education system in America is more well rounded than it is in Hong Kong."

Evan Choi during mission in Haiti
Evan Choi during mission in Haiti

Along with participating in a few campus activities, Evan went to Haiti last spring to help the people there who are living in poverty. "I met a lot of good friends who are really good friends before I didn't expect to make this many friends and last semester I joined Baylor riding association because I hadn't ridden a horse before and I am in Texas so I tried to ride a horse so I joined that organization and learned to be a cowboy," he says. There is a local organization called Mission Waco that has been going to Haiti for quite of lot of years so this year over Spring break I went to Haiti and experienced quite a lot and saw different lifestyles from what I am living right now."

Evan will graduate from Baylor University in 2013. When asked to share something in his native tongue, Evan says, (Speaking Chinese) "I said it is a good experience to study in the United States so if you get the chance to why not do it."