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Belgian Nuclear Guard Killed Two Days After Attacks in Brussels

FILE - This photo shows a sign reading IRE (National Institute of Radioelements) in Fleurus, Belgium, Aug. 27, 2008. A security guard at the plant, identified as Didier Prospero, was killed Thursday, two days after terrorist attacks in Brussels.

A security guard at a Belgian nuclear plant was killed Thursday, two days after bomb attacks on the Brussels airport and a metro station.

News reports said his access badge was stolen. There were also reports that the man, identified as Didier Prospero, was a guard at Belgium’s national radioactive elements institute at the municipality of Fleurus, to the south of Brussels, and living in the city of Charleroi.

However, the Charleroi prosecutor's office denied media reports that his security pass had been stolen and deactivated as soon as investigators raised the alarm, a public Belgian broadcast entity said.

The Reuters news agency reported that a police spokeswoman said she could not comment because an investigation was ongoing.

In an interview published Saturday in daily La Libre Belgique, the European Union's counterterror chief, Gilles de Kerchove, said Belgium's network of nuclear power plants and other major infrastructure facef the threat of a cyberattack over the next five years.

In a country on high alert following Tuesday’s terrorist attacks that left more than 30 people dead and hundreds injured, analysts and some officials have expressed worry that militants may seek to obtain nuclear material or attack a nuclear site.