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Machete-wielding Attacker in Belgium Shot Dead by Police

Belgian police officers stand guard outside the main police station after a machete-wielding man injured two female police officers before being shot dead in Charleroi, August 6, 2016.

Belgian police say a man wielding a machete and yelling "Allahu Akbar" was shot and killed Saturday shortly after injuring two female two police officers in the city of Charleroi.

The attack took place outside a police station about 50 kilometers south of Brussels.

The attacker was shot by a third police officer and later died at the hospital.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel tweeted about the incident, saying he is closely monitoring the situation and strongly condemns the attack. He said, "My thoughts are with the victims, their relatives, and police officers."

The Charleroi attack came after 32 people died in March during coordinated bomb attacks on the Brussels airport and a subway station. Islamic State militants claimed responsibility for that attack.

Brussels has been on high alert for terrorist attacks since the attacks in March.