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Sanders: Elections Come and Go, Revolutions Continue

Members of the audience react as they listen to U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speak during a rally in the Manhattan borough of New York, June 23, 2016.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders told a packed town-hall meeting Thursday night in New York City that while elections come and go, political and social revolutions continue.

Sanders continues to campaign, speak out and rally thousands at appearances across the country, even after opponent Hillary Clinton has clinched the Democratic Party nomination.

The Vermont senator has yet to concede the race or officially endorse Clinton, but both have started putting together a platform.

Sanders promises to attend next month's convention in Philadelphia with what he says will be the most progressive platform in Democratic Party history.

In his speech, Sanders repeated the positions he has made the center of his campaign, including a living minimum wage, free college tuition, and reforming the election process, including ending what he calls the "absurd situation" of superdelegates — party leaders who usually pledge themselves to the so-called establishment candidates.

Sanders said the political revolution is not about him, but about people at what he calls the "grass-roots" level — such as school board members, mayors and state legislators.