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Bill Cosby Switches Up Legal Team with Appeal Looming

Wananchi wakimbia uvamizi wa Rashia dhidi ya Ukraine, wakitembea kwa miguu kuelekea kituo cha mpakani Shehyni kuingia Poland, huku magari yakisubiri kuvuka mpaka nje ya mji wa Mostyska, Ukraine, February 27, 2022

Bill Cosby is switching up his legal team as he looks to appeal his conviction and three- to 10-year sentence in his Pennsylvania sex assault case.

A court filing Friday says the 81-year-old Cosby is replacing the suburban Philadelphia lawyer who handled his sentencing with a pair of criminal defense attorneys.

Joseph Green is exiting after about four months on Cosby's defense team. The new lawyers are Brian Perry and Kristen Weisenberger of Harrisburg.

Another lawyer, Peter Goldberger, worked with Green on a motion last week challenging the outcome of the case, a first step toward an appeal.

More than a dozen lawyers have come and gone from the case, including Tom Mesereau, who once represented Michael Jackson.

Another ex-Cosby lawyer is suing over what he says is more than $280,000 in unpaid bills.