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Bizarre Rooftop Villa Draws Attention in Beijing

A man looks at a roof top villa with binoculars from an overhead bridge in Beijing, China, Aug. 13, 2013.
A bizarre looking rooftop villa in Beijing has drawn the attention of local authorities, who say they will tear down the structure unless the owner can prove it was built legally. The structure resembles a mountain top placed on a high-rise building.

Built during the past six years by the head of a traditional Chinese medicine business, the 800-square-meter villa has drawn the ire of neighbors below, who have long complained of noise and possible damage to their building's structural integrity.

Authorities have given the owner 15 days to prove he built the home legally or face forced demolition.

Photos of the villa have been splashed across Chinese websites and newspapers, drawing publicity to the case.

Houses on top of luxury buildings is not unheard of in Chinese cities, where land prices have soared. A developer in central China recently built 25 luxury villas on top of a shopping mall.

Tales of the rich and connected receiving special treatment from authorities are common in China, where the ruling Communist Party has vowed to crackdown on corruption.

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