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Bollywood's 9 Eleven Hits the Big Screen

For many, the numbers 9-11 trigger an understanding of the terrorist attacks upon New York and Washington on September 11th, 2001. But in the new Bollywood movie "9 Eleven", terrorism takes a different form.

“9 Eleven” is a new thriller written and directed by 36-year-old Manan Katohora. The film concerns the kidnapping of a seemingly random group of 11 people who are handcuffed and locked up in an empty cell. They are threatened with death by a masked kidnapper every nine minutes who promises them a way out if they can answer the question “Why are all of you here?”

While some of the hostages appear law-abiding, others do not. Their often earthy and occasionally funny conversations to find a solution ultimately unravel the mysterious link which brings them together but not without deadly results.

Watch the Official Trailer for "9 Eleven"

Katohora suggested his movie is “about things we do and their effect on other people.” An independent American film inspired the Silver Spring, Maryland based Katohora to write something similar for Bollywood and the Indian speaking audience. Katohora said, “Typically Indian films have lots of songs and dances and romance but there haven’t been a lot of films in this genre.” “The new generation is looking forward to some different topics beyond your typical running around the trees and five songs and dances,” he added.

“9 Eleven” is the first Bollywood film shot in Washington DC. The actors come from the Washington metropolitan area and cities along the U.S. east coast, mainly New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Several of them have lived in the United States for up to 20 years. Katohora said some “had a mixture of Indian and American accents.” Voice coaching was needed because the movie “required them to have a pure Hindi accent,” Katohora explained.

Katohora has previously directed two low budget English language movies. “9 Eleven” could put him on another level. His efforts have resulted in winning the Canada International Film Festival’s 2012 Rising Star Award.

The movie was released in Mumbai and New Delhi in October, 2011. It will be available in the North America market at a later date.