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#Brexit: The Lighter Side


Britain's vote to exit EU cartoon

Britain's vote to exit the European Union Friday drew stunned reactions across the globe and triggered a plummet in world stocks. But this didn't stop some folks from finding humor in the news.

Britain's The Sun newspaper couldn't resist a pun:

Social media users riffed on the #Brexit hashtag, coming up with hashtags they would assign to any other country that might contemplate a similar exit from the EU:

Twitter users noted parallels in history -- like Britain's defeat of Napoleon's French Empire ...

Or the Raj, Britain's 200-year rule in India:

Irish airline company Ryanair made sport of Prime Minister David Cameron's decision to step down:

Even Larry, the Chief Mouster at No. 10 Downing Street, got in on the action, making an appearance before members of the press awaiting a statement by the prime minister.

And then a dog showed up...

In the United States, The New Yorker magazine issued this cartoon:

And nationalists in the state of Texas pondered reviving the "Texas Secede" movement, which dates back more than a century: